Towing services 24 for machines Chisinau.

Accident, technical malfunction of the car or the driver is not able to drive because of alcohol and so on. Here are some of the main reasons when people order towing services 24 in Moldova. It happens that further movement entails danger to both the driver and others, or threatens more serious damage. Many in such situations turn to friends, relatives and acquaintances, but not always they can come to you and provide professional auto assistance.

Another thing is a freight tow truck 24 in Chisinau, which is equipped with special devices, such as a manipulator, winches and a platform for transporting damaged or broken machines. Your problem will be solved promptly and efficiently! In addition, the prices for tow truck 24 for cars in Moldova are quite affordable, but they depend on the possible damage caused to one's own or another's cars.

Asist Auto Club offers all types of towing services 24 for machines in Chisinau. But you should contact us also because we work around the clock, without days off and holidays, in any weather and road conditions. Appropriate technical equipment allows servicing all types of vehicles, but up to certain sizes and dimensions. Therefore, We are the fastest and most inexpensive service through which you can use the towing services 24 with crane in Moldova at a low price, as soon as possible and in compliance with all safety rules.

3 main factors on which the price of evacuation for cars depends on:

  • - Weight and dimensions of the vehicle;
  • - Difficulty loading / unloading;
  • - Transportation distance.

Choose professionals and get prompt assistance, as well as the best prices for towing services 24 in Chisinau!