Tow truck 24 for cars in Moldova.

If the owner of the machine is now in an unforeseen situation on the road and can not continue driving on his own, Auto Club Assist will come to the rescue! This is a reliable company with an excellent reputation and a serious fleet of tow trucks 24 with a crane in Chisinau, which is why it is able to evacuate trucks and cars, as well as motorcycles, minibuses and special vehicles by favorable terms.

Here are some situations when it is necessary to call a tow truck 24 for machines in Moldova:

  • - the car was broken down or the brakes are broken, the engine is not starting up or the transmission was locked, the steering gear is not work or the battery was simply exhausted;
  • - the wheel was broken and you have no spare, the fuel was run out, you were brought into the ditch or the driver felt unwell;
  • - an accident has occurred or a machine needs transportation from the car showroom;
  • - it is necessary to transport a loader, skating rink, tractor or other special equipment.

Tow truck 24 for cars in Chisinau is available around the clock. We work without breaks and days off, on holidays and at any time. The cost of transportation depends on the brand and the model of transport which must be evacuated, it’s current condition, the cause of breakdown, the presence of circumstances complicating the loading process and the distance that will need to be overcome.

Thanks to a well-functioning mechanism of action and the selection of suitable equipment, our freight towing services 24 in Moldova are effectively performed, regardless of the complexity of the work. Make one call and experienced specialists will go to the scene. It will not be difficult to order towing services 24 in Chisinau, but the evacuation process itself will be carried out promptly and professionally. We guarantee fast, reliable and safe evacuation of any vehicle at reasonable prices from Asist Auto Club!